Cutting Edge Technology

The incredible technological progress made dental treatment more efficient than ever, while at the same time very mild. In Saw Dental we use state-of-the-art devices which help us restore and maintain your healthy smile. 

System B + Obtura

System B + Obtura are used for „hot” filling, thanks to which the material in the canal fits al the irregularities of the canal making the filling very tight. 

KAVO - Diagnodent

During a standard procedure of oral inspection we use intraoral camera which enables us to magnify patient’s teeth, and the patient to see them on a screen.

KaVo QUATTROcare Cleaning System

Taking care of your rotating devices becomes quicker and more precise. 

KaVo GENTLEray 980 Classic

KaVo GENTLEray 900 Classic - the benefits it brings to the treatment include high precision in intraoral procedures, especially ones performed in soft tissue.


A high class ultrasound scaler for a wide range of treatments.

New GXC-300 Gendex Intraoral Camera

New GXC-300 Gendex intraoral camera joins advanced video technology and is a unique tool for educating the patient. 

Digital Radiology Lab

In October 2009 we opened the first in Gliwice digital radiology lab available for all patients.

New Surgery

Our new surgery comprises three dental chairs equipped with KAVO units, which are purpose-built for treatment of patients in supine position.

Clear Aligner Method

An innovative method for treating minor malocclusion with the use of unnoticeable Clear Aligner became an inherent element of orthodontic treatment, especially with adult patients. 


KaVo DIAGNOcam uses laser light, which crosses the structure of the tooth and provides the came with the image directly.

Vector Paro Pro

Vector is a piezoelectric device for the treatment of periodontosis. It can be used for sub gingival work, while with a scaler - also for supra gingival scaling. Thanks to its unique construction, it… 


DentaPort ZX with OTR functionality. Endodontic micro-motor purpose-built for work with apex locator.

Obtura B&L Combo Pack

Obtura Max, a device for thermoplastic condensation of gutta-percha and Resilon.

Estetica E50 Life

Intuitive work from day one. In a dental unit E50 Life, all functions ar found where they should. Direct buttons lead straight to the goal, in a quick and uncomplicated way.

Leica M320 MultiFoc Dental Microscope

Leica M320 MultiFoc dental microscope allows for setting the focus at 200 to 300 mm. This dental microscope provides new level of comfortable and ergonomics solutions for a working doctors. 

KAVO Prophyfylex 3 Sandblaster

KAVO Prophyfylex 3 sandblaster is a device perfect for removing tartar and plaque.

PiezoLED Scaler

Technology, a perfect combination of intelligence with power. An innovative technology with KaVO CARE with a LED lighting.

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